The Story of Dizzywood

Before humans and animals, the world’s main inhabitants were huge elemental titans called Ancients, small faerie-like creatures called Sprites, their more wild counterparts Bogies, nasty monsters of all shapes and sizes, and the many flying and skittering critters who make up the world’s indigenous animal kingdom.

Animals from our world were the first to discover Dizzywood many thousands of years ago. Through the magic of Dizzywood, they gained a keen intelligence and developed speech as well as the ability to walk upright. These animals soon began forming communities, which mirrored the ones they had seen on earth. Ancient Egyptian cities made up of Nile alligators sprang up in desert regions. Jaguars, snakes, and armadillos created vast Aztec and Mayan-like Empires in the area that would eventually become known as Tanglevine Jungle.

Magic in the world manifests itself naturally in a variety of ways, including pools of elixir and underground crystals. The animals have developed technology and machinery using the magical elixir, such as cars, airships, and all manner of modern devices. A group of mad scientists has even invented teleporters, robots, jetpacks, and other sci-fi devices.

Fairly recently, human explorers discovered the world. One of the explorers, a miscreant named Simon Withering, decided that he wanted to sap this newfound world of all its wondrous magical resources. Attempting to rename the world Witherland, he proclaimed himself to be Emperor and set to work gathering monsters and mad scientists to be his minions. The following chapters tell the tale of how Simon Withering first arrived in the land and then hatched a plan to bring all of Dizzywood under his control.

Part One – The Laboratory

Part Two – The Ancients

Part Three – The Self-proclaimed Emperor

Part Four – The Grand Council

Part Five – Spy Bear’s Mission