Panoramas From the Past

Dizzywood was made up of several different areas to explore and over the years, many were added. Some, such as Presto’s Grove and Presto’s Edge, were even changed radically during the course of the game. When you were walking through Dizzywood, however, you were usually limited to a small area in your field of view, and could never see the entire area on screen. Sometime in 2008, we produced panoramic views of some of the more popular areas in Dizzywood. Take a look at the images below. What was your favorite area in Dizzywood? Drop us a comment below!

Dizzywood Panorama of Breakwater Beach

Beautiful Breakwater Beach in Dizzywood, where it’s always Summertime.

Dizzywood Panorama of the Explorer's Camp

The Explorer’s Camp in Dizzywood. That’s Pierre by the campfire.

Dizzywood Panorama of Presto's Edge (Original)

The original layout of Presto’s Edge in Dizzywood.


  1. Gawd, it’s hard to believe that this was my childhood.

    Thanks for the pics!

  2. The original layout out presto’s grove and presto’s edge were much better, you should of kept them like that.

  3. I enjoyed Breakwater Beach a lot. I miss Dizzywood…please bring it back.

  4. I remember Prestos Edge very well! That’s where you could play word games with the wizard!

  5. I swear this almost made me tear up. I remember it all so well. I loved Tanglevine Jungle, me and a close friend that I sadly lost contact with would always put on cat ears and put towels on the floor. Then we’d put some food on the floor and we’d pretend to be cats… honestly those were the best days of my life. Dizzywood was so cleverly made. It taught me how to have an imagination. As a little kid I didn’t really have many friends in real life, I was a bit quiet, but Dizzywood taught me how to open up a little. Plus, you didn’t have to share your personal details or show everyone what you look like, which was good because you couldn’t be bullied for something like that. It was also one of the very few sites that DIDN’T discriminate people who couldn’t have memberships. On sites like ClubPenguin, if you’re not a member then the game basically sucks because you can’t do anything. On Dizzywood if you weren’t a member you could still buy cool clothes and even get a pet (I think? My memories are a bit fuzzy). The only site that wasn’t money-greedy. Of course if it were to come back, non-member privileges may be more tight as I believe the reason it closed was because of money issues(?), but that would never stop me from playing.

    I have a gut feeling Dizzywood won’t come back but I cherished every moment of it and I can’t put into words how much I thank every person who helped make such a wonderful site. Thank you all so much.

  6. Oh. My. God.
    I don’t even know where to begin, seeing that this site has updated with such nostalgic imagery…
    Honestly, I loved every place in DW. If I had to choose one place, likely Tanglevine Jungle or Breakwater Beach. ^-^

  7. I remember my childhood now i’m 14 i’m still missing this game.

  8. Who left this bowl of onions here?!

  9. I am now a college student and i don’t know why I still love Dizzywood 🙁

  10. My favorite places were Presto’s Edge and the Explorer’s Camp, so it’s very bittersweet to see them again!
    I loved answering riddles and finding quest items in Presto’s Edge, and it always seemed so sunny. I loved the little rabbit, and I feel so strange that I can’t remember his name! Since playing this game I visited Stonehenge in England, and while I was there all of the riddles I had memorized kept running through my head.

  11. This is REALLY EMOTIONAL for me 🙁 I just can’t let go of this wonderful game.


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