Spy Bear’s Mission

The bear didn’t reveal who he was or where he came from.

When asked, he just smiled as if it were a joke only he knew and said, “Call me Spy Bear.” So they did. Spy Bear set to work devising a plan that required getting aboard Withering’s flying fortress The Repugnant, outwitting monster guards, sneaking by robot eyes, disabling electrical security, finding the blueprints, destroying Withering’s portal device, and leaping off the side with a parachute.

The plan was brilliant and risky and dangerous and Spy Bear pulled it off without a hitch. A group of animals gathered at the landing site cheered as Spy Bear came zooming in on his parachute. “No time to celebrate,” he said as he touched down. “Rat Wraith is on my tail!”

The animals all scattered before the undead ectoplasmic rodent known as the Rat Wraith found them.

The plans that Spy Bear had stolen quickly found their way to a gecko named Goldy Delacourt, a mechanical genius. She and her young chameleon apprentice Chanjo set to work building their own version of the portal-hole device. While they worked, a group of the most powerful and selfless wizards (somewhat rare in Dizzywood) worked tirelessly on a way for the Dizzywood citizens to find the most worthy human children.

When Withering discovered that the blueprints had been stolen and his own portal-hole device had been destroyed he went into a rage. He doubled the intensity of monster attacks and lay waste to yet more forest and rivers. Despite his oppressive campaign, Goldy and Chanjo were able to build a functioning portal-hole device. The device was quickly shuffled off to a top-secret location inside a mountain, underneath Skypoint Station. In addition, the wizards presented a magic periscope, a viewing device that the animals would use to find worthy human helpers. Skypoint Station was further protected from Withering’s eyes by The Great Cloud Sea, a massive continuous cloud that hovers around Skypoint Mountain.

Goldy the Gecko volunteered to be Head Portal Navigator and began the process of finding the right children to help Dizzywood. Chanjo the chameleon knew that the children would need a place to gather and invented special tubes that would draw anyone falling out of the sky to an arrival wagon. Around this wagon, Presto the raccoon set up his own wagons and let everyone know that he would be a guide for human children as they arrived in Dizzywood. His grove would be a place for new explorers to get oriented and learn all they could before setting out to defeat Withering.